Restoration of marble and granite fireplaces

Bring the glow back to your fireplace for cosy evenings with loved ones

Clean up without a trace:
  • Chipping and scratches
  • Chips and cracks
  • Tarnish
  • Stains and stains
  • Embedded dirt
Your fireplace is the centrepiece of your interior and we strive to restore it to its original radiance and beauty

We repair all types of defects and offer quality solutions to protect your natural stone.

Working time - from 2 hours
Restoration price - from $64

Answers to questions
The restoration of antique fireplaces is a meticulous process that involves several steps. We have dedicated professionals with the proper training for this work. Here is a general overview of how antique fireplace restoration works:
  • Condition Assessment: A specialist inspects the antique fireplace to determine its current condition, identifying damage and problem areas.
  • Disassembly: If necessary, the fireplace is disassembled into individual pieces to allow for a more thorough restoration.
  • Cleaning: The fireplace is cleaned of old coatings, dirt and accumulated deposits using specialised products and tools.
  • Restoration of elements: If any elements of the fireplace are damaged or missing, a specialist will restore them or create exact replicas to restore the fireplace to its original appearance.
  • Stone treatment: Natural stone is treated, which includes filling cracks and chips, polishing the surface and applying special products to protect and preserve it.
  • Assembly and installation: The disassembled elements of the fireplace are reassembled and put back into place.
  • Protection and finishing: At the final stage, the fireplace can be protected with special coatings or impregnations that give it extra durability and preserve its appearance.
Each restoration of an antique fireplace is unique and requires an individual approach to preserve its historical value and restore its beauty. POLIRO specialists have the experience and knowledge to carry out the restoration of antique fireplaces professionally and qualitatively.
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Working time - from 10 minutes
Restoration price - from $3
Working time - from 2 hours
Restoration price - from $64
Working time - from 2 hours
Restoration price - from $43
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