Polishing the mirror from scratches and scuffs

Professionally remove defects on the mirror without disassembly


We'll remove it without a trace:
  • scuffs
  • scratches
  • concrete marks
  • water stone
The work is carried out by certified POLIRO craftsmen with 2 to 16 years of experience. When working with scale, it is not always possible to make the surface perfect

Personal inspection is obligatory, please arrange a visit of the master for a detailed consultation.

Working time - from 1 hour
Restoration price - from $64/m2

Answers to questions
Polishing a mirror is a process that requires some skill and care, and does come with some risks. Here are a few of the main risks associated with mirror polishing:

Surface Distortion: If polishing is not done properly, especially when dealing with deep jagged scratches or scale, there is a risk of getting distortion on the surface of the mirror. This can cause the mirror to reflect images distorted or blurred.
Risk of additional damage: During the process of polishing the mirror, new scratches may occur if the polishing is not done in a skilled manner.
Risk of hidden defects: Sometimes it is not possible to visually identify all defects or damage on the mirror surface. This may be due to quality issues with the mirror edge finish, which may cause the mirror to break.

To minimise the risks, we recommend contacting experienced craftsmen who have a good understanding of the process and know how to polish a mirror effectively and safely. When ordering polishing services, it is important to discuss all possible risks with the master and get detailed advice on the condition of the mirror and the possibility of its restoration. Leave a request for POLIRO master's visit
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Recommended services
Working time - from 10 minutes
Restoration price - from $3
Working time - from 2 hours
Restoration price - from $64
Working time - from 2 hours
Restoration price - from $43
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