Grinding and polishing of porcelain stoneware flooring

Restore glazed porcelain stoneware tiles using patented technology

Floor coverings
Clean it up without a trace:
  • grout marks
  • cobwebs and scuffs
  • chemical stains
  • minor scratches
  • deep scratches
We repair 95% of the damage, treating the most difficult defects locally to achieve the perfect result.

We offer specialised solutions to help restore porcelain stoneware after renovation or long term use.

Working time - from 2 hours
Restoration price - from $13/m2

Answers to questions
Fixing cracks in porcelain stoneware flooring is a complex task. We cannot simply widen and fill the crack as we do with natural stone. However, we do offer a method of masking the crack using a special resin. It doesn't always get a decent result, let's be honest
When it comes to chips, repairing them is easier. We use a special painted resin that matches the colour of the porcelain stoneware. After pouring the resin, we wait 24 hours and then level and polish the chipping to achieve a uniform gloss level
Accompanying aids
Recommended services
Working time - from 10 minutes
Restoration price - from $3
Working time - from 2 hours
Restoration price - from $64
Working time - from 2 hours
Restoration price - from $43
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