Industrial glass grinding and polishing

We polish your façade glazing with a guarantee of a brilliant result

Facade glazing
Clean it up without a trace:
  • minor scratches
  • torn scratches
  • welding dross
  • acid burns
  • scuffs
  • concrete marks
  • water stone
  • edge chipping
Industrial grinding and polishing is carried out by certified POLIRO craftsmen with 2 to 16 years of experience.

We have permits for climbing work and have successfully restored more than 12 000 m2 of glass. It is possible to send up to 15 professionals for large-scale works.

Working time - from 1 hour
Restoration price - from $64

Answers to questions
In most cases we are able to remove defects without leaving any marks. However, there are difficult situations when the defect is located close to the window frame and it is not possible to evenly distribute the sanding spot. In such cases, we have three solutions:

  • Dismantling the glass from the frame or door, installing it on a construction gantry and carrying out a complete restoration to perfect condition. The complexity of the removal depends on the construction of the window units, but it is usually manageable quite easily. In rare cases, the glass may be fixed with silicone or sealant.
  • If complete removal of the defect is not possible, we can minimise the defect. The area is carefully sanded and polished using small backing plates to improve the appearance of the defect.
  • Complete removal of the scratch may result in distortion on the glass. Such requests do occur in our practice and we are prepared to fulfil them. However, statistically most clients prefer the first or second way of solving the problem.
We always strive for the best result and are ready to find the best solution in each specific case.
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Recommended services
Working time - from 10 minutes
Restoration price - from $3
Working time - from 2 hours
Restoration price - from $64
Working time - from 2 hours
Restoration price - from $43
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